Sleeping related issues Consultation

Some babies are not properly trained or some parents don’t want to do it until the baby is a little bit older.
The best time to do Sleep Training is the first 12 weeks. However, it can be done later on.
$180.00 per hour

Regular Consultation

Usually for first time parents, a consultation can be done before or after birth. During Consultation I will cover:
 – Basic Newborn Care
– Choosing products
– Setting up the Nursery
– Sleep Training – if the clients needs/wants
– Lactation Support
$180.00 per hour


-Umbilical cord stump
-Circumcision area care
-Breastfeeding pump and accessories
-Lactation support/Formula selection
-Baby’s laundry
-Assessment and referral to community resources

$50.00 per hour

Newborn Care for Nannies

This is a five to seven hours workshop
Your new Nanny will learn:
– All the Newborn Care
– Understanding Sleep Training
– Encouraging physical, emotional and brain development
– Work Ethics
– Tips for a successful relationship between Nanny, parents and baby/ child.
IMPORTANT: The nanny must be CPR trained before taking this workshop
$350.00 per workshop with Certification of Attendance

Newborn Care Class- Before Birth

– You are having your biological baby
– You are adopting your baby
– You are a family member or a friend helping with this brand new baby and you don’t have experience with Newborn Baby Care
This class can take from one to three hours!!!! It all depends how detailed oriented you are
$95.00 per hour (up to 60 miles driving distance)


  • You have an expert on hand

    I know what your baby wants/needs and I will work with you to help you understand these wants /needs

  • Your own personal help

    This is a new phase in your life, physical and emotional support is important.
    It’s not just the baby that will need help at beginning. I will help make sure you get enough rest, eat well, or just bring you a much needed cup of tea/water.

  • Helps keep things in perspective

    I will guide you on how to simplify things that will no doubt seem daunting at the beginning. I will help develop a schedule for your baby, help you navigate through the maze of gadgets available to purchase, or simply help you pack for a trip

Why Hire Me


I will come to your home on the first day that your baby arrives home. I will work for you for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. However, some clients do request this type of service for up to 12 months. It all depends on how much support need after birth or adoption.

My priority is to take care of the Newborn Baby, however, I give support to the whole family. Also, I have extensive experience with Adoption.

If needed, I will travel domestically and internationally ( Rates apply). I will provide professional, non-medical assistance for you and your baby.

I understand your baby’s body language. I know the difference between gassy baby and colic baby. I know when your baby has acid reflux or just when your baby is environmentally sensitive.


It’s better to choose your Doula months before your baby’s arrival. A Doula can help you set up the nursery and shop for all the important items you will need in the first few weeks of the baby’s arrival.

Make sure she is well trained, has lots of experience and local, solid stellar references. Also check for criminal background and CPR training.

If your Doctor learn about any special need for your Newborn Baby after birth, your Doula should be aware of it and know how to address these special need with Doctor’s instructions.



Baby Nurse
Newborn Care
Sleep Trainer
Postpartum Doula

Rosangela Braganca

Rosangela’s passion is taking care of Newborn babies. She has worked as a professional Nanny in private homes for nearly 15 years before becoming a Newborn Care Specialist/Baby Nurse.
Rosangela has experience with children of all ages (0-16 years old) and can easily interact with the children of the family. This can really ease the transition of a new baby entering a family. She understands how to blend in and has a warm demeanor. She comes to teach you good techniques but she also is eager to listen and learn about the family; she embraces each family’s philosophy.
Rosangela has also involved herself in helping families by volunteering. She was a volunteer for O.Y.F.F (On Your Feet Foundation, of Northern California) for six years as a Birth Mother Coordinator. Her role was to guide and support Birth Mothers after placing their babies for adoption. 
Rosangela is a Birth Mother herself. She placed her baby for adoption in August 1999. She has taken her experience to heart and was determined to make the experience of new Birth Mothers a positive one. 
Rosangela was born in Brazil and she has been living in U.S.A. for over 25 years.
She has two lovely daughters, they are currently attending college. She is married to an amazing, supportive husband. 

DONA International - Postpartum Doula Workshop 2008

Postpartum Doula at Natural Resources in San Francisco, CA, for 12 weeks 2008

Newborn Care Specialist NYC 2011

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